From ‘Angrezon ki pungi’ to ‘Hisaab 25 saal ka’, Indian cricket series promos need to grow up

Have you ever heard of anyone who has smashed a television screen after India lost a cricket match against South Africa? Or even shave off his moustache?

Sounds a bit too extreme, right?

While such reactions would perhaps not be so unbelievable if it was an India vs Pakistan match, does a loss or a winless streak against South Africa evoke enough anger to break a TV? Or enough sorrow to skip a meal? Or enough shame to snip your ’stache?

Well, Sony Pictures Sports Network sure thought such reactions are valid, given the promotional video it has produced for the upcoming South Africa versus India series.

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I am a freelance journalist based in Mumbai, India. I focus on the business of sport. I have written for publications such as Forbes India, Mint Lounge,, Quartz, Firstpost, Bleacher Report and The Guardian. I have eight years of experience in sports writing, reporting, sub-editing, social media management, news curation and production (print and online). You can get in touch with me at