Young India now hooked to e-sports

Sometime in 2004, 15-year-old Ankit Panth was walking home from school in the northern Mumbai suburb of Borivali when he came across a shop with black-tinted glass and posters of video games plastered on it. It was like catnip to a teenager. Panth entered.

It was a gaming parlour, brimming with youngsters sitting in front of computer screens yelling at each other in what probably felt like a foreign language. Eager to find out more, Panth took money from his parents on the pretext of buying food and returned to play Counter-Strike – one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world at the time. Soon, he was hooked.

Read the full story here on Firstpost.

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About Jaideep Vaidya

I am a freelance journalist based in Mumbai, India. I focus on the business of sport. I have written for publications such as Forbes India, Mint Lounge,, Quartz, Firstpost, Bleacher Report and The Guardian. I have eight years of experience in sports writing, reporting, sub-editing, social media management, news curation and production (print and online). You can get in touch with me at